Tribal wars points not updating

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Tribal wars points not updating

Today Inno Games launched a new paladin system in its classic strategy MMO Tribal Wars.

From the main screen, the player can "visit" buildings such as the village headquarters to construct buildings, the barracks, stable, or workshop to recruit units, and the rally point to take command of units.

Each paladin will be able to progress up until level 30.

Tribal Wars places the player as leader of a small village, striving for power and glory.

When a village has belief, its troops fight at 100% effectiveness instead of 50%. Even your enemies' scouts cannot spot the resources hidden in your hiding place.

The first church is built by default in your first village, and can only be built once. Outside of your village in the dark forests your lumberjacks cut massive trees to produce wood in the timber camp, which is needed for buildings and weapons. Resources in your hiding place cannot be plundered by your enemies. The wall defends your village against your enemies' troops.

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