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In all honesty, I equally sucked at coming up with cool Gamertags until a call of duty legend taught me the methods she uses to find cool Gamertag ideas. Irrespective of what you need a username for, you will find this guide useful.Before we move on to techniques, you can use to come up with awesome usernames.]x HAIRYTURDSx Your Entire Team ididabeartwice Obama has my VCR DEAD BY DEATH Basically Lazy [#VAG] Mr Killiwiggles Barack Oprahma Wombat Nipples Barry My Dead Bovine Hero Tubby Aardvark FAHQUE YANKS Who Threw The Poop Toilet Steak Klitler Sinister Yogurt Fun Death4u OUCH OUCH OUCH Running Jewz Have A Seat Sir mywiiwontwork Do You Nomie You Dont Nomie ASticky Icky Tree A WETARDED BABY Seldom But Always hey wait 4 me Deadly Lunchbox Behaving Carcass Clear Vomit HAIRY N SCARY Rigorous Llama PICKLE N POON jack family FATbloke FAT Mr Killiwiggles MIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE FAIL TO ATTEMPT WALMARTFEET lotsaaftrbirth A Wal Mart Rep biiiirdman Tommythe Tuna Noobslam Whammy Kablammy69 Srry Bout Tht Chf Dualityytilau D Vader Wuz Framed URDADSASTRIPPER Got Corn In My Poop Mike Love Not War Pump Action Craka Nice Nice Bike Ease Up Off Me Try N Bann Meh Messy Underpants barfmunch Poo Lord I brought lub E headshotswilldo ASSpoundin JESUS A10FT200LB PUMA i wii kill you GENERAL WIGGLES EPIC SALAD luv2do da CHACHA messy SURPRISE EXTRA SPRINKLES Perturbed Tuna A BALD BATMAN SGT DOG PUMP i GLOCK COMA BK Value Meal69 ACTUALYISUCK2 Cpt Compassion Clumsy Giraffe i Jiz Bombed Ur Mom BBK bubble BUDDY ooo dansnaked damnhandsome A Shady Llama Unpriced Cracker Religious Milk EMERGENCYLOTION cpt underwar Major Watsisface Talk Show On Mute Big Land Fill Sweaty Bananas I Slept Wid You Slumbery Chicken MEGANFOXLOVE Mini Mc Giggles CPTNSLAPAH0 GODKILLAAAAAAAA BUTTERNUGGETZ Arguing Polecat Youhaveswineflu Bangin Beaver Obama is a Tool Seaworthy Cloth Boomshakilaka fisty chuawawa [GAY!] x X SUGARPUFF Xx [WAN2]CMYPRIVATES Somebody Online Slumbery Chicken Major Infection STEROID DUDE My Forearms RSick i am the l o l Bubble Fartz danthedeathman Nunchuck Nuts Roasted Almonds IKUNGFUFIGHTYOU WOUNDED WALRU5 Spider Puke Megafart Laugh At My Aim Pant T Snipher OPRA4S C4NKLE Grocery God LOOKATU Assey Face Mc Gee Goofy Basket69 dontgetmarried7 Armed Jesus Tootie Bubbles ahomicidalbug SHUT UP W0MAN Ouchwhoshotme Hippie Hairbag People AREgame Groping Orphans I TRIM THE BUSH Youalldietonite Skunk Gut Dr Slippery Fists OMG I GOT SHOT Filthy Grundel Muffin Bakery A SCALY MANFl SH Baboon of Doom Slapacrombie Nice Gamertag superhugemelons PLASTICturd poopngriddles It Will Work On You Smell o Vision DR Koobersnatch touchmeillxplod Slobbin Man Junk Staby Mc Staber73 Sushi Epidemic thatsyass I SPANKED OPRAH Shankingchicken An Awesome Waffle shisedshewas18 B4i4Qu Ru18 Vick Ate My Dog Speaker Pelosi Like Ten Babies A Chubby Cat HITMEREALHARD Admired Barbecue weed reference The Friend big black dad Filtrated Bread Sgt Taco Pants Dung Humper Preferred Pear A Slow Lobster Something Kinky HERE 4 WAR i Tackle Fat Kids Pillow Thief My Dog Had Kittens Cute Fuzzy Bunny Hugh G Rexshin Skilled in bed Pants Destroyer Batmans Big Snake Its Such ADrag intense pillow A Paintbrush COLONELCAPSLOCK I PLAY MW2 NUDE Hiroshima Sushi Sad Little Emo I AM FUNFUNFUN Death enclosed Two Mc Nuggets Smellthynuts EYEget SHOTalot cats r my style I Loler BATE Let Me Get The Bomb DONTSHOOTMEKID Did You Get Sad Schnitzelstein SIX SIX Sl X MANWITHTHEPIZZA OMG a slinky johnnybedstain Thanks Jesus Contended Piano Snipedindabutt letsgo2theprom Lodging Elephant DVDcase Random Hard On Nuclear Jaguars Rentable User Fear Da Crayon Nickname Pending Meet My Hand Conniving Eagle Howling Crab Wordless Scream Nice Camel Toe Worried Burrito Kookadooski A MAN CONFUSED Space Champions Party Car Doug From Finance Helpless Mammal manyshenanigans Girth Burger I Fingered Her Ikillcuzicare Dieahbeatus Fireproof Pig Selective Gravy Genocidal Pizza Pepperpwni Pizza Glocktapuss a funny smell Governed Gorilla Arm Fetish [#ME]MY GAPING VAG A Catholic Pope (as if there’s another kind) FAT ASIAN GIRL IHave The Jew Gold Business Master Encyclopedia Centering Beef hold my pole Crapasaurus Rex A Black2YEAROLD Grave Manager The Mass Nerderer TENBIGDINOSAURS i Buck Fuffaloes Napkin of Death A Baggy Hat Obscure Purse Lt Dan Legs dudegolong nestle ice tea lumpytesticles an almond Abusive Squirrel Agitated Pigeon Iam80s Synth Rock A Salt Shaker All Sham No Wow icuminursister Dont Drink Drugs Ouchdidthathurt Warpath Mc Grath your MOMSweight IRAQI DONKEY DUMPY ACORN Noble War Hamster Here Eat My Shirt Zen Maggot Small People Can Why I Oughtta Happy Giggle Fart BRBgotta Ki LL Leghumpnmidget Jichael Mackson Hot tub Monkey Cookies Are Tasty Chris Tow Furr Saucy Chap RACOONBALLS Racist Taco XXXX Intensive Deer OOH MEGAN FOX i Still Live At Home Diarrhea Master Untouched mmmmm This Party Is Lame XTREMEtourettes im not a zebra No Good Namez Left Have me Lord Fluffykinz Bilateral Jeans Giant Mailman GEORGE H W BUSH Howzboutislapya A Nameless Hobo Potato Lord Exten Ze 4 Women A Tootsie Pop PUNK IN DRUBLIC XPOON WIZARDX Brewed Rat Obese Jackal Its Recycled A Weird Fat man A Lone Skittle Halloween Tree Stinky Potpie Dog Judgement Just my product DANGER BISCUIT Fat Female Over40 Iluvmy401k INTHEFACEHAHAHA Jesusisepic Is That APenguin Enemy Millipede Mile Long Nips Name Violation OMFGname Taken Expired Noodles a Droopy Testicle Fresh Shelves OMG itz HIMM I Love My Banana a smelly vapor WHAMbulance IDKWHOTOKILL i die a lot too Make U Say FML frolickinghippo IDIOTfor HIRE i like myself BWright SLayer (amusing if only because I am a B.Here are a few things to note: Do you prefer a cool Gamertag, a funny Gamertag or a cute Gamertag?

Here is an example using the authors own name: This would make a terrible gamertag.Hell, it's even a terrible name (no teenager can resist making the link between smallwood and small penis).So let's add a terrible pun in there and see how it looks: That's looking a little better, although that's like saying being mugged is better than being stabbed. People on the internet need to explicitly know you are talking about your penis.Each one is spelled exactly as it was when I saw it.They are presented in the order in which I came across them, the most recent just a couple days ago.

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