Dating female harold maude

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Dating female harold maude

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Harold, the 20-year-old son of a wealthy, neglectful woman, tries to gain attention for himself with various hilariously staged "suicides." Obsessed with death, Harold meets a like-minded 79-year-old woman named Maude.

Harold and Maude become inseparable friends, both helping each other out of various personal travails.

Now Maude, on the other hand, is seventy-nine years young, and has what is known in the trade as a lust for life.

She lives in a railroad car, spends her afternoons uprooting city trees and returning them to the forest, and in general is an all-round booster of the life force.

Ken Faraoni will discuss these movies, their cultural and historic importance, implications and representation of society at the time in a entertaining, humorous way.And what is funny is that I didn't used to be like that, but I just started to be like that fairly recently.I saw Harold and Maude for the first time about eight years ago and I instantly fell in love with it.They fall into conversation after Maude steals Harold's hearse and offers him a ride.Harold drives a hearse, by the way, because he is fascinated by death, particularly his own.

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